After you place your order, we start to work with you to develop the detailed visualization concept. We will invest a lot of time and effort to get to know your full wishes, ideas, and preferences base on the data you send us.

This data may include example images, visualizations, CAD files, drawings, sketches, references, and/or concepts. We work together with you on any missing information and create a schedule based on this.

The Working process

Phase I — Information on board
Application with detailed project description
Assembling of all possible technical data
Evaluation & Technical instruction sign off
Cost Approval
Phase II – Creative Development
Modelling (if needed)
First draft sketches
Discussion and corrections
Phase III — Production
Texturing/ Lighting/ other 3D effects
First Static Images
Second Corrections
Phase IV – Final
Final review
Final corrections
Final Rendering and Product

Time schedule:

Architetural /Interior Visualizations : 5-10 days *

Animations: 5-30 days*

¤ Depends on the technical complexity, material choice, etc…

The Key to Success

No matter the nature of your project, our dedicated in-house team will work persistent and effectivly to ensure the result exceeds your expectations.